Lots of Love

The Peppermint Lounge. The Ronnettes. Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound.” Nancy Sinatra. Connie Francis. That moment when the innocence of 50′s doo wop met the highly produced pop sounds of the early 60′s, and our newly confident consumer culture became obsessed with the one thing money can’t buy- love.

Here, on singer-songwriter Jessica Fleischer’s debut release, we get to enjoy the ultra-feminine sound of the great female pop vocalists of that era, with more than just Jessica’s flawlessly sweet voice, but also in her newly crafted material that merely feels retro, but brings the burning desire for “Lots of Love” to a new generation.

Working with producer Robert Schwartzman, Jessica Fleischer’s pop-infused romance barely disguises her deeper longing for true love. One thing is for sure- you’ll fall in love with Jessica Fleischer and “Lots of Love” on your first listen. It’s a romance that’s bound to last for years to come.

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