Jessica Fleischer has been playing music in some form or another for as long as she can remember. There were years of bedroom demos and small shows around Los Angeles. But now, with the recording and release of her debut EP and album under the moniker LOTS OF LOVE, Jessica is ready to share with the world.

Let’s back up. Jessica had been wanting to make a proper record for ages and conveniently, her longtime friend Robert Schwartzman, frontman of the band Rooney, had just built himself a home studio. After recording one song together, with Robert producing, they decided that it was a good fit and kept going, resulting in the EP, Come to Life and the forthcoming full-length album, From the Start due to be released in early 2013. While recording, Robert tweeted to his more than 30,000 followers “It’s gonna be great; She’s a great songwriter.”

Drawing on influences from Electric Light Orchestra to 60s girl-groups, the music of LOTS OF LOVE fuses nostalgia-steeped pop-rock songwriting with a fresh and modern point of view. A number of these songs have been part of Jessica’s repertoire for some time and, as a result, the album embodies her growth as a person and a songwriter over the last eight years.

As you may expect from the name, many of LOTS OF LOVE’s songs deal with the subject of love; not so much the act of being in love, but more the classic themes of unrequited love and wanting love. Asked to choose the song that best represents her as an artist, Jessica references the stripped down number “I Think It’s Called Love,” explaining “It gets into my personal experiences moving beyond those feelings of frustration and desire, and towards a realization that everything is okay the way it is.”